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11 March 2008 @ 07:12 pm
Dropped/Kicked Out Character Policy  

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It is possible to pick up characters who were dropped. Here is our policy on dropped/kicked out characters as well as the types of characters:

[Type 1 Characters]
The Hardly-Ever-Participated Type (Drop Out)

Characters who had very little interaction and posted less than three entries (basically, left after just joining. These are called Type 1 Characters) are available for picking up no matter what. Since these characters had little to no interaction we assume that the players weren't too attached and are not going to mind them being picked up by other people. It should be noted that even if the original player doesn't want the character to be picked up by someone else, their request is over ruled and the character is up for the taking. Why? Because we don't think it's fair that someone can't play a character you played barely with just because you say so. The exception to this is if you want to come back later (say you left due to personal issues) Then we would instead put the character in a reserve for you when you return. If too much time passes though and someone wants the character, we may contact you about it.


[Type 2 Characters]
Characters who were actually developed (Drop out)

This refers to characters who were moderately involved in the rpg. They commented on other entries, posted, participated in logs and actually affected events and other characters. Players of these characters get a choice: they can either leave their character up for grabs or make them unavailable. It's a decision made by the player, but the player MUST say whether or not they want their character unavailable while leaving, or else it will be assumed they are available. So if you don't want your character taken by someone else and possibly ruining how you've developed them and their relationships, say so! If you decide you do not want your characters picked up by someone else you can choose to make them Type 3 characters. (see below for more)


[Type 3 Characters]
They're dead Jim

These are characters who were killed off by their players. These characters are unavailable for picking up, and it is the easiest method to use if you do not want your characters picked up by someone else. Killing off a character can also be done even if you are not leaving the rp.
HOWEVER this is something to be thought about thoroughly. While character death can have great impact on other characters and give the rp more potential it should not be done on a whim. If you seriously just don't want the character anymore and don't care about their development, please leave them as Type 2. It's not fair if a character is unavailable to a future player just because the previous one decided killing them would be fun.
The exception to this is if the character is also a Type 1 character. It then does not matter that they were killed off, they are made available for future players regardless.


[Type 4 Characters]
Inactive for over 3 months (kicked out)

These are characters who have been inactive for 3 months and are thus kicked out of the rp. The characters are made unavailable for a month in case the original player wants to come back. After that month though they are made available, even if the original player shows back up later. (if you liked the character that much you should've been more active!)
As with the inactivity rule, if the player had announced going on a hiatus, the characters are safe and are left on the taken characters page.


[Type 5 Characters]
They're gone because the players were prats (kicked out)

These are characters whose players were kicked out due to rule breaking. They are available to others instantly, regardless of the original player's feelings.


[How to apply for these characters]

The player who picks these characters up has the option of starting new or starting where the original player left off.

For Type 1 characters (and in some cases Type 4 and Type 5) this can all be done without a hitch. Just choose whether or not you want to go with the original profile or rewrite it completely. (try to rewrite the original one a bit in your own words if you with it though)

For the other types though this is a little more complex. If the characters were very involved with others like Type 2 are it is recommended you talk with the players who had interacted with the character before choosing what to do. In the case of Type 2 it also wouldn't hurt to contact the original player. So, before taking up a highly involved character you must make a topic about it in syriuci_app to get the opinions of others. Try to listen to the other players. It'll make integrating much easier. Afterwords, write up a profile as usually, following the players' advice.

In the case of all these characters you must state that they were a dropped character and if you are starting new or from what was left off.

Now then, Available and Unavailable characters have their separate pages. Go there to see what you can and can't pick up.

Kirika Yuumura: [15] All these words will bleed from mesing_farewell on May 25th, 2008 03:52 am (UTC)
Journal being reused for another mun. Remove from the RP please. Feel free to use her as a Type 1.